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How do I join the Core Group?

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Core Group Expectations

Before you can wholeheartedly commit, you need to know what’s expected of you. The following will bring clarity and simplicity and help you manage expectations.

Nothing excites us more than to think about the people God is calling to be a part of the Harvest Core Group. You are about to begin one of the greatest adventures of your life, one filled with hard work, much prayer, great joy, and amazement. In order to be part of the Core Group, you should be interested in hands-on participation.

We want you and your family to make a wise decision and to be completely prepared by having accurate expectations. Many will tell you that there is nothing more joyful and nothing harder than planting a church.

We want our Core Group members to be ready and well informed!

This page includes a broad view of the pre-launch stages and an outline of expectations for Core Group Members.

Attend a Vision Meeting

Pre-launch Stages


Core Group

During this stage we will work to add members to the Core Group. Group members will meet together on a weekly basis (we meet every Saturday night) for study of the Word, prayer, worship, and planning. In addition, we will work to recruit a leadership team, share vision, and set up finances.

Primary Needs:




Expected Timeframe: June – December 2017


Launch Team – 50+ adults

Once enough members join the Core Group, we will transition the group into a Launch Team. At this stage, a launch date will be set, a location will be secured, a worship leader found, and a worship team formed. Members of the team will be assigned to areas of service based on gifting and need. The areas of greatest focus will be the ministries of worship, children, small groups, assimilation, finance, administration, and promotion.

Primary Needs:


Worship Leader


Expected Timeframe: January – March 2018

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Right expectations pave the way for personal commitment and team alignment. We desire to clearly communicate our expectations of you as a Core Group Member.

You are fully aligned
You are fully aligned

You are fully aligned with our mission, vision, values, and distinctives.

Harvest is a contemporary church built on these 4 Pillars: proclaiming the authority of God’s Word without apology; lifting high the name of Jesus Christ in worship; believing firmly in the power of prayer; and sharing the good news of Jesus with boldness.

Do our values align with and stir your spirit?

You are willing
You are willing

You are willing to submit to the leadership of the church.

Leaders from Harvest Bible Chapel in Lancaster, PA along with the Lead Pastor will serve as the elders of the new plant until our own elders are installed. They will strive to lead in a way that is humble and obedient to God’s Word. The reality is that you may not always agree with the decisions that will be made.

Can you follow, support, and speak well of the leadership?

You have healthy motives
You have healthy motives

You have healthy motives for joining the core. 

You are coming primarily because you sense God calling you to be a part of planting a new church committed to Harvest Bible Chapel’s mission, values, and distinctives.

You are not coming:
To get more control and responsibility in a church.
To run away from difficulties in your current church.
With unspoken expectations of the church in the future.

You leave well
You leave well

To the best of your ability, you will make a healthy church transition. 

Those leaving a current local church to participate with the Harvest plant should “leave well.” Tell the leadership of your current local church what you are going to do. Ask for their blessing and prayer support. Within reason, fulfill your previously made commitments and after leaving, speak well of your former church. We want to support other local churches and work together to do God’s work.

You are flexible
You are flexible

You are prepared for the constant change of church planting (flexibility).

Church planting does not provide the routine, comforts, and predictability of a large established church. All involved will need to be flexible.

You can sacrifice
You can sacrifice

You realize sacrifice will be the norm – not the exception.

There is no doubt that it is a sacrifice for you and your family to be a part of a church plant. It may take time before we have all the blessings of an established church. God will honor your sacrifice and abundantly bless you and your family despite the absence of these comforts.

You are ready for battle
You are ready for battle

You are aware of and committed to prepare for spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare is real, and church planting is a direct and strategic assault against Satan and the kingdom of darkness. We must be vigilant to put on the full armor of God and cover everything we do in prayer.

You are generous
You are generous

You are committed to financially support Harvest in proportion to your income.

The church is funded by God’s people supporting the work, and giving generously to the work of the church is the New Testament norm. God blesses generosity and will provide for all our needs as we cheerfully give. (2 Cor 9)