Sunday, May 2

My value is based on...

Matthew 4:1–11

Wednesday, April 21

Why did Jesus die?

Mark 15:21–41

Wednesday, April 14

The Great Substitute

Mark 15:1–20

Thursday, April 8

I am unfaithful but Jesus is faithful

Mark 14:26–72

Wednesday, March 24

The Lord's Supper (Mark 14:12-25)

Mark 14:12–25

Tuesday, March 16

Supporting, opposing, or just a critic?

Mark 14:1–11

Tuesday, February 23

Majoring in the majors

Mark 12:18–34

Thursday, February 18

Does Jesus rule my life or do I?

Mark 11:27–12:17

Thursday, February 11

The new way to pray

Mark 11:22–25

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