Thursday, October 29

Jesus speaks loudly by doing, but will we believe?

Mark 6:30–56

Wednesday, October 21

Trailblazers for Jesus

Mark 6:1–29

Wednesday, October 14

Do not fear, only believe

Mark 5:21–43

Wednesday, October 7

Jesus is the power!

Mark 5:1–20

Sunday, October 4

Cultivating a Fear of God

Mark 4:35–41

Wednesday, September 23

Jesus' teaching, use it or lose it

Mark 4:21–34

Thursday, September 17

What is needed for kingdom fruit?

Mark 4:1–20

Wednesday, September 9

Some reject and some follow (Mark 3:7-35)

Mark 3:7–35

Wednesday, August 26

Jesus can forgive sin! But will we let him?

Mark 2:1–17

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