Every single person has left their true home and the love of the Father (Isaiah 53:6). Some have returned home and some have not.

Maybe you are familiar with the story of the prodigal son, a story that Jesus told thousands of years ago and still rings true today. A wealthy father had two sons. The younger son decided he wanted to take his inheritance, leave his father and his home, and do whatever he liked. But after his money was all spent, he fell onto hard times. He then wanted to come back home to his father but wasn’t sure if his father would take him back.

Like the prodigal son, every single one of us has left our true home and the love of our heavenly Father (Isaiah 53:6). Some have returned home and some have not.

If you have not come home, please know this: the Father is calling you home and sent His Son Jesus on a mission of love to win you back (John 3:16-17).

We resist coming home for different reasons. Do you fit one of these categories?

  • Rebel_ August 26 _You don’t care what anyone thinks, least of all the Father. Life, money, people, and pleasure are all meant to be enjoyed. You won’t come home because you want to live by your rules, not the Father’s. The only thing you want from the Father is His wealth to use as you please.
  • Please know that the Father waits for you, looking out in hope for your return because He loves you and misses you! He doesn’t want to restrict you—He wants to give you abundant life that will never run out and will only get better and better. The things you enjoy right now will run out. Only God can meet your deepest needs forever.

  • Broken_ September 2 _You’ve made a mess of your life and have hit rock bottom. You feel abandoned by those you thought were your friends. It is hard to imagine things getting worse. You wish you could turn back time and do things differently. You hesitate to come home for fear of the judgement and shame you will feel. You are looking for a way to fix it all. Then maybe you can come home without the shame, with your head held high.
  • Please know that the Father is ready to meet you right where you are! He has taken all of your shame upon Himself so that you can be made new. He is ready to restore you instantly! He doesn’t want a servant; He wants you as his child. Like the father in the prodigal son story, when you return to Him, the Father is going to throw a big party and tell everyone that His beloved child has come home!

  • Self-Reliant_ September 9 _You’ve always lived your life in a positive way. You don’t consider yourself perfect, but you do consider yourself a good person. Everything you have, you’ve earned and deserve. But there is also a part of you that thinks you deserve a little more. You wonder why some hard things have happened when you’ve always done a good job with your responsibilities. On the outside you look very successful, but on the inside you know that you are running on fumes. There are secrets that if exposed might ruin what you've accomplished. You wonder how long you can perform at this rate.
  • Please know that the Father loves you—not because of your performance, but just because He loves you. You need His unconditional love because you actually aren’t as good as you think. The Father has always been there for you, but like the Rebel, you would rather just have the Father’s stuff. The Father wants you to see that the real reward is knowing Him, not getting all the stuff you think you deserve.

  • Hurting_ September 16 _You’ve been discarded and hurt by others, maybe even by people in the church. Christians seem hypocritical and judgmental instead of compassionate toward your situation and need. Because of the hurt and betrayal you have experienced, you may struggle with believing that the Father really loves you. “Why would God allow these things to happen if He loves me?” is a very reasonable question for you.
  • Please know that the Father does love you. He wants you to come home, and He will wipe away every tear. He will bring justice and right every wrong. The church is made up of broken and hurt people, so please forgive us if we have hurt you. When you come home you’ll begin to understand that "why?" question.

  • Skeptic_ October 7 _You need proof. There just isn’t any other way to describe it. If it doesn’t work with your brain, it can’t work with your heart.
  • Please know that doubt is not an unreasonable position, but neither is faith. Be skeptical about your skepticism. In other words, keep an open mind. Just because you don’t know the Father, it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t know you. Never stop searching for answers; the most arrogant thing we can think is that we have all the answers. Whether you believe it or not, the truth is that the Father loves you and sent His Son to call you home.

If you fit one (or several) of these categories, we would like to invite you to join us for our Come Home series. The date for each category above corresponds to the Sunday gathering when it will be discussed. Please come and be open to hear how the Father is calling YOU home.

Harvest Ashburn is a new church in the area. We welcome all without judgment because Jesus welcomed us without judgment. We have come home.

Won’t you consider coming home to the open arms of the Father?
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